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Chemical (Lactic, Salicylic, Glycolic) Peel Guidelines

Superficial chemical peels are topical exfoliants that are applied to the skin to soften the dead skin layer and exfoliate the skin, stimulating cell turnover to help restore to a more youthful appearance.

Many skin conditions can be improved when receiving a series of peels; Fine lines will be softened, dull skin will appear more radiant, rough or even skin will become smoother. Sun damaged skin or blotchy skin will even out. Acne scarring may be softened. Because these peels are superficial, there is absolutely no downtime.

During the time of pre-conditioning and procedure, the skin may look red, shiny or can become flaky. One to two minutes of stinging or a burning sensation immediately after a Chemical Peel may be expected, but any discomfort will subside within a reasonable amount of time.

It is extremely important to follow all home care instructions exactly, and that notification to Wayyoung is mandatory if the following complications occur; Skin infections, cold sores, or any other allergic reactions that may occur to the treated area.

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