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Hair Growth

The active ingredients go beyond the surface of the scalp and penetrate deeper into the skin. The treatment creates thousands of micro-channels in the scalp, which significantly increases the absorption of active ingredients, ensuring maximum treatment efficacy.


Laser Hair Removal

Effective, gentle & safe Hair Removal treats unwanted hair growth on all body areas.

Small Treatment Areas:  

- Areola 

- Bikini Line 

- Cheeks 

- Chin 

- Half neck 

- Fingers/ Toes / Knuckles 

- Navel 

- Sideburns 

- Upper Lip 

Medium Treatment Areas: 

- Extended Bikini 

- Feet 

- Hands 

- Underarms 

- Half abdomen 

- Half Arms 

- Half Back 

- Knee 

Large Treatment Areas: 

- Beard 

- Brazilian 

- Buttocks 

- Full Chest 

- Full Face 

- Half Legs 

- Shoulders 


Cancellation fee will apply within 48 hours before the reserved time.

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